# Frequently Asked Questions


## Can I download the app to any phone?


You can download the Chef’s Table Food Truck app on any **iPhone and Android** devices.


## What does the app do and why should I use it?


We have created the **Chef’s Table Food Truck** app to help simplify your life and help reward you for being a loyal **Chef’s Table Food Truck** customer. Here’s what it does:


*   Helps you **discover** our location and find Chef’s Table Food Truck wherever you may be.


*   **Simplifies paying** for your food at Chef’s Table Food Truck. You no longer need cash or card, just your phone.


* Check-in while in-store and your profile will be visible on our till. Just order as normal, say you’ve checked-in and give your name. Your account will be debited and you can view your transaction and receipt on the app. You can of course still use cash or card to pay, you just need to mention to your server that you have the app and are checked in, and you’ll still receive your loyalty points.


   * Auto-check-in. You can select auto-check-in on the location page and whenever you are near to this location (approx. 80 feet), the app will automatically check you in. Order as above.


*   **Pre Order** - you can use the pre order button and our staff will start preparing the food so you can skip the queue and save time. Be sure to time your arrival at your selected Chef’s Table Food Truck location 20-30 minutes after you have placed your pre order. Unfortunately, we cannot remake coffee or food due to late pick up. Orders left waiting 30 minutes after the order is made will be disposed of.


*   **Digital History** – a record of all your activity through the app including all your purchases, loyalty redemptions etc. You can even email your receipt for expense purposes.


*   **Features** – news, offers, opportunities and access to other Chef’s Table Food Truck happenings.


## Why do I need a picture of myself to use payments?


As an added security measure, your picture is important because it allows the Chef’s Table Food Truck team to identify you and validate that you are the one authorizing payment. Please ensure customer pictures are clear and recognizable.


## What incentive is there for me to use the app?


We have created the app to enhance your experience with Chef’s Table Food Truck. We hope that you enjoy using the various features and that the technology will improve and simplify your experience with us. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions as to other ways you would like to use the app.


## Does the app allow me to pay for my order?


Yes! The card you have on your App account will be charged for the total purchase amount of your order.


## Do I have to queue if I’m paying with the app?


Paying with the app is an alternative to paying with cash, debit or credit card, so you still need to order at the till. However, you can also pre-order to skip the queue as described above.


## I cannot check-in, why not?


The app will only allow you to check-in when you are nearby the Chef’s Table Food Truck store. If you are in-store and you still have difficulty, please check your internet connection and that you have location services enabled for the Chef’s Table Food Truck app.


## What do you do with the information I share?


We use the information you provide to enhance your experience with us, we never sell it to others.


## How do I get a refund?


We sincerely hope you wish to continue using Chef’s Table Food Truck as your favorite restaurant destination. However, if you need a refund for a transaction, this will be taken care of in-store.


# Mobile Payments


## What can I pay for with the app?


You can pay for any Chef’s Table Food Truck purchase up to a value of $100.


## How do I remove my credit card?


Select ‘Manage Payment Card’ from your profile page and select ‘Delete’. This will not affect your current balance.


## Why do I need to allow notifications from the Chef’s Table Food Truck app to use payments?


For your security, we need to be able to send you a message every time a purchase is made. We do this via push notification to keep you informed of any account activity. You can also review all your activity in ‘History’.


## Where can I see what I've previously spent at Chef’s Table Food Truck?


You can view all of your account activity including purchases in your "My Account" > "My Activity" tab.


# Other Questions?


Please email [john@chefstablefoodtruck.com]and we will respond as soon as possible.