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welcome to peace of mind

Your No Stress Plan

You're getting ready for your special day and you don't want your experience on the "what I wish I had done" list of regretful experiences on any wedding blog site.  You definitely don't want to regret being more organized, wonder if you should have gone with a different menu, wonder if you did enough due diligence vetting the caterer. 

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You want to be happy

Enjoy the experience and be stress free

Here's how we're going to help you. I'm going to give you all the information I have (by the name is John McIlhattan, I am the Co-Owner of Chef's Table Food Truck). My job is to give you the best experience possible and my intention is to have everything transparent and honest.... like it's been said....stress free

I'm going to give you the good and bad reviews (what I've personally received) about the Food Truck and the Catering side. And if you find anything else, have any questions, comments or concerns email me at; I do my best to respond within an hour, at max within a day. 


We have 28 5 Star reviews; last checked April 4th, source FB page. 


All reviews can be found on FB page


Who We've Catered To

Zorecare, Bozeman Christian Center, Ghost Town, Yellowstone Harley, MSU, PrimeSource, Private Event Ted Turner Ranch, Stephanie Quayle (Country Singer), EFree, private gatherings and Weddings (pics soon to come or feel free to ask for picture references during consultation). 



Our most negative reviews came shortly after our launch 1) Food Truck didn't have enough kid friendly choices or sizes; 2) website experience didn't make sense/wasn't user friendly


Note: If you have a bad experience please email me, we are currently improving our kid friendly choices for the food truck and for catering. Every week we build the website experience in house, if you ever have a page error or something doesn't work to your expectation please let me know.