A Message From The Co-Owner,

Hi my name is John McIlhattan, I'm the Co-Owner of Chef's Table Food Truck, I'd like to thank you and guide you through your next steps and why they'll be helpful for you. 

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Thank you for checking out the Chef's Table wedding experience

You're getting ready for your special day and you don't want your experience on the "what I wish I had done" list of regretful experiences on any wedding blog site.  You definitely don't want to regret being more organized, wonder if you should have gone with a different menu, wonder if you did enough due diligence vetting the caterer. 

This is why we created the Chef's Table wedding experience.  Chef's Table is all about love and care for your special day, in fact an actual chef's table is a special table reserved for VIP guests where the Chef creates a unique and delicious dish just for them. 

We re-engineered our concept for your special day. A wedding can be very daunting, I'm here to take the stress out and simply everything for your catering needs into easy bite sized steps.

So you have: A checklist, a questionnaire to personalize your experience, consultation, guides and a menu template for starters.  If you ever get stuck or overwhelmed simply go back to the checklist for the next step. 

You may not know us at all so we've created a company brochure, set time for a face to face to get to know us and have a special "Vet Us" page to answer any questions and to give you our pros and cons from past events. 

My mission is to give you a fantastic experience, one that is stress free and delicious. If you ever have any questions, comment or concerns feel free to contact me john@chefstablefoodtruck.com.

Welcome and congratulations!